What is the #roadto_? [English]

The #roadto_ is an on-going collaborative project. With help from you, we want to create a 100 day-long series of change throughout Heidelberg. During these 100 days, we want to focus on four various topics of discussion: “social future,” “development,” “the Stories of Many,” and “Do-It-Yourself-Together.” #roadto_ acts as a stage and workshop arena; where knowledge and stories, visions and realities, and fellowship and inspiration, come together for everyone!
Our Challenges

The media is losing its credibility, politics is becoming reactive, and the cybernetic technologies presented by Silicon Valley and the Chinese are giving us a glimpse of what our social future may look like in a globalized world. However, the understanding of how these global circumstances impact our everyday lives is far from the ordinary person’s understanding. Therefore, to best grasp the reality of these circumstances, we should use our professional, social, and creative knowledge to create a framework that will mitigate adverse reactions.

What do we want to change?

During the #roadto_ we interact with the public space to research social questions through the use of collective thought experiments and dialogues. We intend to collect the information discovered, formulate it, and then repackage it as a proposed status quo. This status quo will then be carried on from today, re-evaluated tomorrow, and lastly transported into the future to come. The status quo which we wish to explore is that of alternative forms of lifestyle that is no longer centered around gainful employment but through community involvement. With this new status quo, we can then build it into our communities to shape our local realities.

Our goal

The goal of our #roadto_ is the creation of a social “incubator” which we call the Begeisterhaus. In the Begeisterhaus we want to take joint responsibility for the challenges that we face and will face in our globalized and digital world, to build a new community space. The Begeisterhaus thrives off of the dynamic cohesion between the individual and the collective. The constantly evolving space intends to nourish our inner creativity and protect our natural enthusiasm, from the contagious environments that seek to exploit the creativity from the slipstream of the resourceful, innovative regimes. Together with cultural workers, nerds, intellectuals, activists, and artists, we plan to develop tools and tactics to create an ecosystem for a better future through technical sovereignty. To achieve this, we must detatch ourselves from individual backgrounds, make an effort to learn from one another and work innovatively to reach our full social potential. The aim is to reach the detached, to unmask the fabricated Elite, and transform innovation into an opportunity for all.

Why is everything getting better?

Slogans of progress are smeared everywhere, and in all humanitarian areas, now we are seeing statistical improvements backing up this “betterment.” Now, does this mean we are all actually getting better? For this “betterment” does not explain why so many aspects of society are envisioning a dystopian reality. Are we heading towards a dystopian future because we see technology as an end game for us all? Or is it because capitalism uses the same technology as a tool for surveillance?

Meanwhile, there is a gap widening between the technical and statistical “betterments” and its ability to develop us as human beings. It may be that the technological betterment is advancing with ruthlessness, all while being deceptive in its promise to increase participation and environmental improvements throughout society. For this form of betterment appears to improve the lives of the few, while the majority, aka the rest of us, do not even know whether there is a place secure place in the future for us.

How do we work?

We work as a network. All our events are produced and implemented in collaboration with local initiatives and activists. This festival lives from the active participation of all; therefore we see the #roadto_ as an unfinished process – hence to the ambiguous underscore in our festival name.  What we are in search of, is a place where cultures, movements, and ideas can unfold. We intend to create an open space for design and creativity, through our excessive demands and meaningful relationships. The motto here is: We offer a space, and the community of Heidelberg brings the content.


Raumfänger in German literally translates to “Room Cathcer.” In the paragraph above, we spoke about offering space to the public – we do precisely this with our  “Raumfänger.” The Raumfänger is a thin plastic membrane consisting only of air, which creates a transparent bubble. It allows the outside world to look in and the inside world to look out, metaphorically aligning with the Raumfänger’s mission. What is unique about this bubble is it can create space anywhere at any time. The adaptable and protective bubble allows for individuals to come together and discuss any theme presented. Thus aiding in the much-needed dialog within communities.

The 4 Themes

Our #roadto_ lasts 100 days – from March 20th to June 28th. In these 100 days, we will travel with our “Raumfänger” through the streets of Heidelberg to Palo Alto and back to Heidelberg. During the entirety of the journey, we will be asking everyone a series of questions regarding the public’s future in this globalized and digital world. In order to give structure these questions we’ve introduced for themes for our #roadto_ Journey:

Social Future

What would a city look like if we allowed for solidarity and democracy to overtake the importance of the self and free markets?


How do we design educational contexts that allow people to experience self-efficacy, that is free from compulsion and performance-oriented thinking, and are based on a radically understanding of knowledge and infrastructure?

Stories of many

How do we create new public spheres where we listen and empathize with individuals who have different life plans than the privileged?

Do-It-Yourself Together

How can we strengthen cooperation at the local level, make existing networks visible, and use the knowledge of the many to defeat the challenges of our time collectively?


There will be a festival for each of the themes. At our four festivals we offer spaces to address these issues in a creative way. In addition, we will also work on the questions outside the festival dates in small extra workshops. If you want to contribute something, send us an E-Mail. If you want to be informed about new event dates or current developments of #roadto_, subscribe to our Newsletter. If you want to interact with us and witness our campaign on more day-to-day bases follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – use the hashtag #roadto_ to become part of the movement.

Alle Festivaltermine als Übersicht :


03.–05. Mai @Iqbal Ufer, HD


14.–16. Juni @Mehrgenerationenhaus, HD


28.–30. Juni @Adenauerplatz, HD

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